Titan Quest mod training

Put your own divine hand to this RPG of the gods

"Sometimes it's even more fun to use content in unexpected (read: sinister) ways. Imagine my satisfaction after watching a tester jump out of his seat during a very early playtest session - I had given an inconspicuous little bush Boss-like abilities and a thunderous roar! While I wouldn't recommend making bushes into monsters, now that TQ fans have had some time to play around with the editor, we're hoping that the limits of what we thought possible will be tested constantly.

"One thing many people here are anxious to see is a custom map based on a mythological story like the Twelve Labors of Hercules, or the journey of Odysseus. Some are also hoping more people make arena-like maps for the plaver-vs-player mode 'hidden' in the game. But personally, I'm really hoping to see people use content in ways I had never thought possible."

Hopefully the tutorial videos will help you on your way to creating some killer content for your custom TQ game - just hit the Movies tab at the top of the screen to viewour tutorials. There are other great resources for modding atTitanQuest.net (also where you'll be able to download the tools themselves). Many of the designers frequent those forums so it's a great place to find answers to those burning questions.