Titan Quest mod training

Today we have a trio of short movies that showcase the newly released modification tools for the action-RPG Titan Quest. Some of our favorite add-on content is fan-created - stuff like the famous Counter-strike mod of the original Half-life, but we also dearly love little-known gems from Neverwinter Nights and Oblivion player/authors.

We wanted to know what the developers themselves hoped to see from Titan Quest modders, so we asked Tom Potter, the lead content designer for Titan Quest, to give us the scoop.

"Often the greatest levels in Titan Quest come from experimentation. Through success and failure, content team members thrived off each other's ideas, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible. One of the most rewarding moments for me is seeing some small detail that sparked a simple idea, which after much tinkering and tweaking, evolved into a major portion of the game.