Tiger Woods will not be on the cover of Tiger Woods 12

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise still carries a lot of weight in the video game industry. But Tiger Woods himself is carrying around more baggage than his caddy can handle these days, so what's the solution? Ban Woods from even being on the game's packaging.

Yes, Woods won't even grace the cover of the latest entry in his own video game franchise. It's like Oprah not being on the cover of "O" magazine. The iconic golfing legend has appeared on the box art of every single Tiger Woords PGA Tour game since the series started some 12 years ago.

But last year, Woods's world was rocked after spiraling stories of sex scandals almost put his career to an instant end. His performance since has suffered and has lost some of his highest-paying advertising sponsorships.

EA said at the time that it would stand behind Woods and had no plans of dropping the successful golf game series. But sales of last year's edition were low, dropping significantly over the previous year.

Now, it looks as if EA is keeping the "Tiger Woods" moniker for historical value and not really promoting the golfer as much. The publisher has signed a deal with the people behind The Masters tournament to bring new courses and partnerships to the game. That's all increased attention on stuff that isn't Tiger Woods.

The cover art of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters hasn't been released, but when it is, don't be shocked to see someone other than Tiger Woods plastered on the front of it.

[Source: Reuters]

Jan 6, 2011