The arcade games are even cooler, as they are full-fledged... well, arcade games. The variety is excellent, with many classic genres represented. You've got a horizontal space shooter, a vertical World War II shooter, a mini-golf sim, a shooting gallery, a futuristic first-person shooter, an overhead racing game, an F-Zero wanna-be, a Bubble Bobble tribute, bumper car soccer, and over ten more. Earning the highest score is often difficult, and various "quests" in the game will actually challenge you to make specific achievements. And yep, most of these games can be enjoyed by up to four players in a simple party mode.

Thrillville looks pretty unique, and we enjoyed our time noodling around in its parks. We definitely liked the mini-games better than the management bits, so it remains to be seen how well they'll mesh in the final version. We'll know soon enough - all three versions are due out November 21. Keep that mop handy - the barfin's about to commence.