The Top 7… 2008 games we can't stop playing

Release date: November 11, 2008 (eight months ago)

Why we’re all still playing it: The single-player campaign is home to countless “oh shit!” set pieces that bombard you with teeth-rattling explosions, but as with Modern Warfare, it’s a ride that ends in a matter of hours, not months. Even though the four-player co-op levels and same-as-CoD4 deathmatch options are predictably captivating and add value to the package, we’re going to attribute W@W's staying power to the fresh-from-the-grave Nazi Zombies.

Could there be a more perfect enemy to slaughter endlessly? We think not. Aside from the general glee of crushing wave after wave of goosestepping undead, this gloomy take on Horde mode has you boarding up windows to keep the clawing, biting, rotting corpses from entering your bunker. Fun enough on its own, but subsequent additions (the most recent of which was June 11) have added more weapons and new locations to the never-ending struggle against Hitler’s brain-munching minions.

This staggering amount of replayability has made W@W 2008’smost played gameaccording to tracking site Raptr, with more than 245,000 hours logged from its community alone. Right behind it? Modern Warfare, which was released way back in 2007.

If the past two Call of Duty games are still in the top three most played games, Is there any doubt what’ll be the most played game of 2009?

Jul 27, 2009

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