The Killing Of John Lennon review

Like The Assassination Of Jesse James, the title says it all in Andrew Piddington’s daring chronicle of the late Beatle’s demise, as seen through the eyes of deranged shooter Mark David Chapman. Buffering exhaustive reconstruction of known events with extensive voiceover culled from the killer’s own testimony, the result is a chilling insight into what led the Catcher In The Rye-obsessed nut to gun Lennon down outside the Dakota building on that fateful 1980 night, then wait around to be arrested. Thanks to Jonas Ball’s riveting lead performance, though, it’s also a portrait of a damaged soul whose lunacy was only fuelled by the shallow excesses of celebrity culture. You leave the cinema not just saddened anew that such an iconic artist was so pointlessly killed, but amazed that it doesn’t happen more often.

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