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If you want the bragging rights that go with achieving 100%... more




We've got ten videos for you, each demonstrating five of the city's huge air opportunities... 



we decided it was time to see how fast we could make it from one end to the other... more



We put a crack team of daredevils to work squeezing every ounce of madness out of GTA IV’s wide-open sandbox... more

Millions of people are already fervently searching for the biggest Easter Egg shocker... more




You can find the Split Sides club on Jade Street in the heart of Star Junction... more 

This is essential Grand Theft Auto IV info for all completist gamers... more




SPOILER ALERT! In case you didn't notice that you're reading a Grand Theft Auto IV walkthrough... more



What better way to compare draw-in than to plummet from dizzying heights... more



If you haven’t discovered these seedy corners of the internet yet, take a gander at our quick list... more



So what are they like to meet in person? We asked a few prominent journos who’ve done just that… more


Every damn way we could possibly capture GTA IV in motion... more




Shown side-by-side, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between the two versions... more



Idiotic press coverage and city-swallowing murals circle Grand Theft Auto IV before it's even sold one copy... more



At some point you'll be wanting to indulge in the traditional pursuit of gratuitous messing around... more



It wasn’t easy compiling this list. There are just so many tiny brilliant things lurking the various cities of Grand Theft Auto... more


I should probably rattle off that the opinions in this article are mine, and not necessarily those of GamesRadar...


So GTA is big, but it’s about more than just units shifted and cash generated... more




Exploiting stereotypes is something the GTA series gets accused of a lot, mainly by people who've never played it... more 


The Grand Theft Auto series, obviously known best for its sprawling open-worlds, makes its universe worth exploring... more 

Heroes, cities and decades change, but in the world of Grand Theft Auto, the hard-working hooker will forever remain... more 


They say you should never go back. But in GTA's case it's surprising how well the old adventures have aged... more 


Anticipating the approach of the latest Grand Theft Auto isn’t the same as yearning for a new Halo or Resident Evil... more 


What say we all heighten our anticipation with another dose of GTA action... more 



What effect did the shift to more powerful hardware have on in-game audio... more 



If you're a regular man about the internet, you’ve undoubtedly come across some jackhole purporting to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV... more 

You've heard the hype. Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be amazing... more




Aside from perhaps 1993's Doom, no games get linked to crimes more often than the Grand Theft Auto series... more


There's no better way to learn a GTA game's ins and outs than to go absolutely apeshit at ridiculous speeds... more


Our sister mag Xbox World 360 UK recently put up a massive multi-part preview, which we will now promptly lay bare before your greedy eyes... more



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