The fighting styles of SmackDown! '08

All primary and secondary abilities revealed

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Sept 21, 2007

One constant complaint from fans of the long-running SmackDown! franchise has been that the wrestlers control the same for the most part. Oh sure, specific wrestlers have been tweaked annually to reflect their real-life counterpart and weight class, but now you can choose primary and secondary fighting styles, forever changing the way you play WWE%26rsquo;s pinnacle sim.

We just got a hold of all primary and secondary from the WWE fanatics at THQ so you can start planning your future bouts of strength accordingly. As we discussed in our earlierhands-on preview, the fighting styles you choose can mean the difference between a sweet win and punishing loss. Here%26rsquo;s how you do it: every time you select a wrestler, you choose a primary fighting style such as Powerhouse or High-Flyer and a secondary fighting style. When your momentum meter is full, you can either execute a finishing move at that time or store a fighting style icon, which can then be used to perform the primary ability. The primary style allows you to use all of that style%26rsquo;s abilities, while the secondary style only provides access to that style%26rsquo;s secondary abilities.

So read on! Hit that Forum tab above and start planning what crazed grapplers you%26rsquo;ll be designing when WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 ships this fall.


Brawlers primarily let their fists do the talking, but they are also equally skilled at performing traditional, high-impact maneuvers like Suplexes, DDTs and Scoop Slams. The end result may not be pretty, but it is always effective.

Primary Ability:

Wreck Shop – For a limited amount of time, your Superstar will reverse all of your opponent’s strikes, and all strike attacks performed by your Superstar will be unstoppable.

Secondary Abilities:

Ground & Pound – Mount the upper body of downed opponents and suffocate them with a barrage of rights, lefts and the occasional headbutt for good measure.

Fists of Fury – Automatically unleash a flurry of three successive blows, pummeling opponents and knocking them to the canvas.

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