The Club - new impressions

We’re sick of taking cover. Of hiding behind trash cans and scurrying between pillars. We hate crouching and crawling through bushes. And that’s why The Club is interesting. Rather than a prolonged assault on the enemy, each level is a two minute rush. You scream through, kill everyone as stylishly and efficiently as possible and make your exit. It’s ferocious and immediate, the complete polar opposite of something like Ghost Recon where you spend most of your time cowering behind sand dunes.

The “club” in question is a brutal underground bloodsport venue (think The Running Man sans lycra bodysuits) and forces you, a mercenary seeking fame, fortune and glory, to run a gauntlet of gun-toting hoodlums for an audience of rich folk betting on the outcome. The game combines third-person action with a Total Overdose-style combo system. As you kill enemies a meter at the top of the screen ticks down. Score a kill before it runs out and it resets, keeping your combo going. Your score at the end depends on how long your combos were (or combo singular if you’re particularly skilled) and how stylish your kills were. Head shots earn you more points, while fudged body shots, as you’d expect, earn less.


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