Tera beginners guide

Level Progression

There is a tutorial instanced stage at the beginning of the game in which you can test out your class at level 20. It's perfect for getting familiar with a class's mechanics, and only lasts about 15-20 minutes. Thankfully, you can skip it when creating a new character after completing it once. Your character will revert back to level one upon completion and be ported to "noob island."

Level 11:Finish up with that god-awful "noob island" (why do MMOs insist on including these?) and head to the city of Velika to obtain your first mount—for free! Even better, the mounting time is instant.

Once you're in the main world, you can engage in open world PvP on PvP servers and begin leveling your crafting professions. Please note that at this time, there are no battlegrounds or any kind of PvP reward system.

Level 20: This is where things start to get really interesting. At 20, you can begin using the glyph system (essentially Tera's version of talent trees), and do your first dungeon run: The Bastion of Lok.

Dungeon list and level requirements:

Bastion of Lok – level 20
Sinestral Manor – level 26
Cultists' Refuge – level 35
Necromancer Tomb – level 41
Sigil Adstringo – level 45
Golden Labyrinth – level 48
Akasha's hideout – level 48
Akasha's hideout (Hard) - level 48
Ascent of Saravash – level 48
Saleron's Sky Garden – level 53
Suryati's Peak – level 56
Ebon Tower – level 58
Ebon Tower (Hard) - level 60
Kelsaik's Nest – level 58
Kelsaik's Nest (Hard) - level 60
Labyrinth of Terror – level 58
Labyrinth of Terror (Hard) - level 60
Balder's Temple – level 60
Balder's Temple (Hard) - level 60
Fane of Kaprima – level 60
Fane of Kaprima (Hard) - level 60

Level 60: This is the level cap in Tera.