Available on: PS1

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Team Buddies Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: Pause the game and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 while entering a cheat below. These reset after each level
    # Invincibility - X, triangle, Square, Circle
    # Skip Level - Circle, Square, X, X
    # Team Ammo - X, X, Triangle, triangle
    # Team Health - Triangle, triangle, X, X
    # Ammo Unlimited - Circle, Square, triangle, X
    # Jetpack - Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle
    # Special Weapon 1 - Triangle, X, X, X
    # Special Weapon 2 - X, X, X, triangle
    # Heavy Weapon - Triangle, X, Square, Square
    # Rocket Boots - Triangle, Square, Square, triangle
    # Buddy Build Easy - Circle, Circle, X, Circle
    # Crates Powered Up - Circle, X, X, Circle
    # Gun Builds Easy - Circle, Circle, X, X
    # Huge Feet - Triangle, Square, Square, X
    # Base Invincible - X, triangle, Triangle, X
    # Huge Guns - Triangle, Circle, Circle, triangle
    # No Attacking Animals - Circle, Square, Square, Circle
    # All Levels & Worlds - Triangle, Circle, Square, Square
    # Shape Building - Square, Square, Circle, Circle
    # Next World on info Panel in Rotunda - R1
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Available Platforms: PS1


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