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Tak and the Power of Juju Cheats, Codes & Guides

Tak and the Power of Juju Cheats

  • Get All Juju Powers

    After pausing the game press Up, Right, Left, Down, Y, X, B, Down
    Submitted by None
  • Get 100 Feathers

    After pausing the game press B, Y, X, B, Y, X, B, Y.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Movies

    After pausing the game press Left, Right, B, B, X, X, Left, Right.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Extras

    After pausing the game press Left, Right, B, B, X, X, Left, Right.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Plants

    After pausing the game press B, Y, X, Left, Up, Right, Down, Down.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Yorbels

    After pausing the game press Up, Y, Left, B, Right, X, Down, Up.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Moonstones

    After pausing the game press Y, Y, B, B, X, X, Left, Right
    Submitted by None
  • Get Everything

    During gameplay press Left, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Left, Right. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Plants

    During gameplay press Square, Triangle, Circle, Left, Up, Right, Down, Down. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Moonstones

    During gameplay press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Left, Right. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Juju Powerups

    During gameplay press Up, Right, Left, Down, Triangle, Circle, Square, Down. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Yorbels

    During gameplay press Up, Triangle, Left, Square, Right, Circle, Down, Up. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Get 100 Feathers

    During gameplay press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square. Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle. Now exit to the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Unlimited lives

    Pause game and then press R then press left down right up left up and you shall hear a sound.
    Submitted by Fatty
  • Kill enemies fast

    At level 2-2 U get a stick. If somebody shoots at you use the stick to reflect it back at them.
    Submitted by None
  • Go to Chicken Island OR Become a Sheep

    To go to Chicken Island, in Tak's Village, you must shoot the monkey, (Stand Back!)and it will throw a coconut at the crate. In the crate is a rhino. Ride it into a gate, jump through a set of platforms, ride a Chicken blimp, and your there.
    To become a sheep, pick one up.
    Submitted by Juju
  • The first level-items

    The first three sheep on the first level are relatively easy to find. They are right in front of you& and are harder to miss that a wall! For the fourth sheep you must go all the way down the first vine you see after meeting flora, the moon juju's daughter. Then walk all the way across to the side of the mountain. You will see the fifth sheep. The last one is just after you get off the lastvine. To jump across the vine hit the a button and simultaneously press the right on your gray cursor pad thing...There should be 16 little orange globes when you reach the end unless you die. By the time you reach the end you should have enough spaces for three health feathers( see the top right of your screen!) The end is an arrow in stone. Just walk through the side of the screen to get to the next level.
    Submitted by None

Tak and the Power of Juju Hints

  • Destracting Rams

    If you have a problem getting past a ram here's what you do. If they're are any sheep in a level and rams carry the sheep to the ram. Then he will fall in love with her.1note:If you already know this tell a ferind.2note:If the sheep dies he will attack you if he does repeat this process if you can find another sheep.
    Submitted by None
  • Numa Dune's Yorbels

    From start head toward the far right dune for grinding. Jump of the cliff to the left of the ramp next to the palm tree, drift to the the left to grab yorbel.
    #2 From start head down left side and jump of cliff. Follow left cliff wall past first set of dunes to the jump over looking the canyon below. Boost of jump to collect yorbel in the air.
    #3 from start head left of the cliff. Continue down left side of the run through the canyon to the last set of dinosaur bones. Grind backbone of the dino and boost off tail into yorbel in the air.
    Submitted by spikee
  • Thorn bushes

    Here is a hint. When you get Look's sprit balloon Tialoc (the bad guy) will make a maze that has bushes with thorns on them. Stay to the side that the plant is on when the leaves are blowing so that the balloon won't pop
    Submitted by CJ
  • Hard Hit On Magic Flower

    Ok now all u have to do is wait for it to look like its dancing then attackit will have taken more damage as usually but there is one way this could not work because if its taken to much damage it could be smart enough to stop when about to attack
    Submitted by Ben
  • Boxes and Pinatas

    Look for bone boxes and pinatas as you beat the game. They can be found on the on the ground or hanging from a tree. Smashing them reveals feathers and sometimes even a nerbil.
    Submitted by Christopher Glennon
  • Mummy Shield

    When you get to the mummy place where you glide the mummies to a shrine place. Once you have gilded 2 mummies, the 3rd place will open and it will have dart shooting walls. When you awaken the 3rd mummy you can hide behind him, and the darts will hit him and make him have the darts in him.
    Submitted by Axel grease
  • Getting to Powder Canyon

    To get to powder canyon you have to be in Mountain Top first. first step is to get to the spot with the log and the water channels. u have to tip the log the right direction to make the water change direction. once you find your way around this area and you know where the melons are. (it is impossible to take a melon up the same way u came down to them). but get the water to fill up the two big pools at the ends of the water channels. then get a melon and jump in the nearest pool this way you wont drop it. then go find the gorilla that is near by. get him to go to the tree that is closer to the melons. once he flings you, you will end up right next to the sleigh that takes you to powder canyon.
    Submitted by joe
  • Boss Fight At sun temple

    Jump on the bird and pins and needles will show up. Run to one of the glowing things (each one has different powers) and shoot it at the other bird. First you fight pins Then Needles. then both at once. Don't panic Take out needles first. powers of each thing Red fire 3 at once. Green explodes when hits the floor. Yellow 5 single shots. Blue 1 shot follows them wherever they go. Note: does not always make contact
    Submitted by None
  • Get the Chicken Suit

    First get a juju sprit to blow a path to chicken island west hen find another tiki to get a juju sprit and he will give u the suit u can kind of fly and glide in it put don't get it wet or it will go away
    Submitted by shahrukh
  • How to Sneak Past Chicken Island Guards.

    You know those Chicken Island guards that have those spears and attack you when you try to go by? Normally, there is a sheep nearby to it. Grab the sheep and walk past the guard. Don't drop the sheep until you have completely passed them! If there is no sheep close by, (like when the guard protects the way to the 3rd Nubu plant) wait until they are out of the way and... RUN FAST!! Sometimes you won't get past so don't worry, KEEP TRYING!!
    Submitted by Tyler

    The first thing you need to do is go to Jibolba and he'll tell you how to get the rattlestick. You go and get it and Flora will take you back to him. he'll say "Well done tak, blah ,blah,blah the rattlestick will give you juju vision and you can see tiki's and yorbels. "Tak will say "Now if only I knew what a yorbel was. "You just look around your village and Flora will tell you to look at your first yorbel. Then you go to CHICKEN ISLAND and you go around a corner and there's a tiki, and Flora will tell you what to do with it. (NOTE): SEE WHAT COLOR IT IS GLOWING AND THEN TAKE IT TO THE SHRINE WITH WHATEVER COLOR OF EYES ON THE HEADS.
    Submitted by Johnna Helton
  • Defeating Magic Plants

    An old man with a big nose named Babola will ask Tak(you) to go get magic plants for him to turn the "Great Worrier Lok" back into a human because he was turned into a sheep. When you fight a Magic Plant, swing your stick with the A button at it. It's health meter is at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes when you hit the plant it's health will drop lower then other times. It depends on how could your swing is. Every once in a while, the Magic Plant will make a bright circle around itself. Some part in the game when the plant does that a vine will come out of the bottom of the plant and start spinning around the plant. Sometimes two. Be sure to visit all the places you can find. One place to visit is Chicken Island. There will also be signs around telling you how many Magic Nunu(NooNoo) are ahead of you to fight. You have to walk in front of the sign to read it.
    Submitted by peppy5993
  • Extras

    To unlock another extra, collect all 12 plants
    Submitted by Amzy
  • Ride a Rhino

    On Tak's home village there is this part where you will encounter a a sign is noted, 'Please do NOT shoot the monkey', don't listen to it, you will see a monkey in front of you on a tree branch, shoot it and it will get mad; then throw a banana a a big crate of to your right, look and you will see a rhino has been 'opened' from inside the crate, now go down to (smacking it w/ your stick is fun since the rhino doesn't hurt you) and jump on it, then use your D-pad to move it around, if your press B you will hit the rhino, causing it to move faster, and all, have fun.

    NOTE: The rhino can ran through bamboo walls but you cannot jump w/ the rhino.
    Submitted by Nathan S.
  • How to get to Chicken Island

    After you go to the Burial Ground you should see a cage. You will also see a sign that says DO NOT OPEN CAGE. The only way to get to Chicken Island is to open the cage. You should see a tree with one of those monkeys in it. You should see one of those plants that give you melons. Back up and throw a melon at the Monkey. If you are backed up far enough the should throw the melon at the cage. Inside will be a rhino. Break the fence in front of you and you are on your way.
    Submitted by Game Juju
  • How yo get the club,stick and the rattlestick

    You start out with club so don't worry about that. To get the stick go to the burial grounds ,place the 4 teeth in the statues, and walk into the tomb. To get the rattler get 9 plants then go see Jibolba, then you will automatically go to the place to get it. (note):you will have to beat pines and needles to get it. throw a ball from the little glowing placs at needles and pines.
    Submitted by brandon pridgen

Tak and the Power of Juju Unlockables

  • Unlock Storyboards

    Collect 200 yerbals to unlock storyboards in the extras menu
    Submitted by None
  • Extras

    To unlock another extra, collect all 12 plants
    Submitted by Amzy

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