Syndicate business card and propaganda locations guide

Find all of Syndicate’s collectibles with our video guide

Milestone 14: The Wall (3 cards, 7 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 14

Propaganda 1: After you flip on the power, reboot the system, and extract the chip from the dead agent, go through the next door and drop through the hole in the floor. Turn to your right to find a poster on the wall.

Card 1: From propaganda 1, head through the door in front of you and immediately look left. Hop over the railing onto the pipes and follow them around until you find a card.

Propaganda 2: If you go forego hopping the railing for card 1 and take the long way around on the catwalk, you’ll spot this poster on the wall. If you do drop down from card 1’s location, just backtrack to this spot.

Propaganda 3: On the same wall as propaganda 2.

Card 2: As soon as you see your first EMP mine, turn left and hop over the railing. The second card should be right in front of you.

Propaganda 4: After you’ve made your way through the yard and pried the door open, drop down off the ledge in front of you and turn around to find a poster.

Propaganda 5: Just after finding the Thermite Gun you’ll come upon a grate with a door to its left. Before using that door to step outside, use your overlay on the EuroCorp logo seen on the wall just past the grate.

Card 3: As you go through the entrance marked “checkpoint,” hopefully you’ll notice this card right in front of your face.

Propaganda 6: From card 3, turn left and go down the hall. There’s a poster on the wall to your left when you reach the end.

Propaganda 7: You’ll eventually find yourself in another outside area fighting a big group of baddies (you can also find the rocket launcher here). Mop them up then look for the door leading in. Once inside, you’ll see a grate in front of you that can be opened. Leave it alone, turn left, and head down the hall to find the last poster.

Milestone 15: Kris (2 cards, 5 propaganda)

Above: All collectibles from Milestone 15

Propaganda 1: As soon as the level begins, kick open the grate in front of you and drop down. Immediately turn around to find a propaganda poster on the door.

Card 1: From propaganda 1, clear out the enemies in the area and continue on into the control room just ahead. Inside on the console you’ll find a card.

Propaganda 2: In the same room where you power off the jamming device, check the concrete walls for a poster.

Propaganda 3: You’ll reach a computer with green text on its monitor that can be breached. Do so, then go through the door next to the desk and into the room just across the hall. Turn right once inside to find a poster on the wall.

Propaganda 4: Face propaganda 3 and turn around. Walk through the room while keeping your eyes on the right wall. There will be another poster not too far away.

Card 2: Just after passing through the room with the three data transfer opportunities, you’ll come upon an elevator. Before entering, turn around to find a card on the ground nearby.

Propaganda 5: After defeating Kris, take the elevator up. Upon exiting, enter the room straight ahead and look for a poster on the wall to your right.