Sword of Mana Cheats

Sword of Mana Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Makeii

    Devius - the battle (male character)

    When trying to defeat Devius (which is actually very simple), use these simple strategies.

    1. The direction of the platform is turning clockwise like a clock. Try to figure out what direction Devius is moving to, then move a couple "hours" to the left of him. Then it will be easier to get to him. When he is down, he will stop you from circling around (if you're pushed against him, that is).

    2. Begin to swing at him with the typical sword (fastest and easiest). Make sure to use the combo technique (not pressing A fast, but waiting until he stops swinging so he can do a double swing, and then a leap jump).

    3. he will get up again and maybe use some magic on you. Using Wisp, recover that health immediately and then continue steps 1 and 2 again.

  • GBA | Submitted by Mallow09

    Spirit Geodes

    After you unfreeze the people at Lorimar castle, talk to a man near the entrance to the Kahla peaks. He will explain that he lost 8 geodes with one spirit trapped inside each. If you bring them to him he will break them open and give you the spirit inside. The geode with the water spirit is near West Lake (Next to Wendel and through Gaia Cave, if your playing as the girl you'll have to beat Gaia cave first). Go to West Lake and walk along the edge of the lake until you reach a ledge that sticks out a little more. Walk out on the ledge and you'll get the water geode. Go back to Lorimar and tell the geode man to break open the water geode and you'll automatically get an Undine!

  • GBA | Submitted by John Norton who goes to PC

    Dark Monsters

    If you are training but the monsters you are facing are to weak or you are waiting for a challenge than this is a code that will interest you. If you defeat more than 999 of species of one certain monster than your record will restart(it will go back to zero). also the monster will look different in color (it will be black or gray). another thing about these monsters is that their stats will increase by exactly 100.exept for HP, that will increase by 500 on most monsters.

  • GBA | Submitted by CrAzY1dilan

    Get Spirits Without Earning them

    When you get to Ishe, go to a the Inn. This only works in the nighttime, so leave the town and come back at night. Go inside and through the archway thing. talk to the girl there and depending which day it is, she will sell you that spirit for dudbears" gold.

  • GBA | Submitted by montyhatchet

    Weapon Lv. UP

    A good way to Level-Up your Bow is to have it equiped when fighting Medusa. I know it takes a long time to do this, only 1 damage per/arrow, but that is 1 dmg to all snakes and her. Be wary of her stone gaze as it bounces off the pillars/mirrors. A safe place to stand is near the Entrance. Before you know it (7-10 minutes later), 14 Bow Levels!! (the first time I tried it, I got 12 levels).

  • GBA | Submitted by Makeii

    Tips on raising classes

    When you first level up, you go into the main circle menu and open the LV.UP submenu.

    If you are the male character, here's what i suggest to you. When leveling up in the game:

    level up your warrior type to 5.
    then raise the monk type to 5.
    then put the magician to 1.

    try to keep it at this ratio. for example, if warrior is on 15, keep monk the same, and keep the magician 1/3 of those.

    If you are the female character, then try to keep it the same as the male character, only using these three classes.

    Manage to raise sage type to 5.
    Keep magician type at 5 as well.
    then put on a 1 for monk.

    5:5:1 - simple as that.

  • GBA | Submitted by Sam-Bam

    Charge Attack

    Not really a code or hint but just a helpful technique. You know when the bars at the bottom of the screen are full and you character starts flashing? This means you can charge up your attack to unleash a powerful one by holding down the A button for about 2 seconds or until your character stops flashing and let go on your enemy to make him show you mean business. It doesn't explain this in the game but in the manual it does.

  • GBA | Submitted by Kiddcobra

    Defeating Count Lee

    A good way to defeat Count Lee is to go behind the altar thing and use the bow. Do not leave from behind the altar or he will be able to use his energy draining ability. If you are behind the altar the only thing that can hit you win he becomes the annoying bats.

  • GBA | Submitted by Big-J

    Mana Statues

    For the ones who don't know: The save-statues of mana who are in golden color and not broken (head is still on statue) will replenish HP an MP + you can save there.
    The broken statues (without head) are in gray color and you can ONLY save there, SO they will NOT replenish HP or MP.

  • GBA | Submitted by DarkSaturos(DSXG1S-0014)

    Easy undead kills

    to kill an Undead enemy easily, LvUP your wisp spirit so you have the long-range fireball. hold R until you hear the the spirit or see him circling, release R to fire!
    (DONT FORGET: you can move while you meditate for your magic!)

  • GBA | Submitted by Majin Azeral

    Easy Boss Kill

    Before going up against Dark Lord you'll have to face a winged-beast boss. If you are using the male character it will be easy using your sword, but using the female character it will take you a few tries. To kill the boss the faster way use the earth spirit first get as close to it as you can before or after it swoops down and attacks then let it ( don't know the boss's gender) have it with a handful of earth spirit, do this repeatedly then soon your on your way to beat Dark Lord.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar


    As soon as you rescue Watts from the abandoned mine, you should have some forsena iron. Also, you should have marble. Later, after gais facade, you can find baobob wood. here's what I found the materials work best for:

    Forsena Iron=Sword/Sickle/Armor/
    Baobob Wood=Bow
    Elephant tusks=Boots
    Animal hide=Save that one for later
    You can also make iron knuckles and an iron flail, but those three i listed work best
    NOTE: you will get at least 3 forsena irons