Super Meat Boy level editor released

Super Meat Boy: 307 stages of meticulously-crafted old-school platforming, where the challenges appear nigh-impossible, but are built so you feel really, really good when you beat 'em. Hell no, son! This is the internet, where if we don't have the opportunity to mod something until it's absolutely, 100% player-proof, we're going back to I Want To Be The Guy! Well, relax, because with the newly-released official SMB level editor, now anyone can turn Team Meat's creation from “challenging” to “you have to be shitting me.”

The editor, which is free with the game's latest Steam update, is automatically added to Steam's Tools menu. Team Meat's blog contains some basic tips for using the program, together with words of gratitude for the fans who hung out for the addition and a less-than-charitable pro tip – “[don't] update your game, burn in hell” – for anyone who bemoaned the wait with ungrateful hate-mail. Well, if you're between building a free toy for PC players and porting your signature title to Mac (currently in development, “done when it's done”), it's understandable you might not have all the time in the world for haters.

Will you be building new levels for Super Meat Boy? How impossible will they be, exactly?

May 5, 2011

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