Suda 51 announces Sine Mora, a new XBLA/PSN shooter featuring "unique time manipulation"

Suda's studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, has teamed up with Digital Realities to create multiple downloadable games

Infamous auteur, risk-taker and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, Suda 51, has announced that his studio is teaming up with publisher Digital Reality for future downloadable games. The duo's firstcollaboration is Sine Mora, a PSN and XBLA shooter which "mixes traditional side-scrolling gameplay with unique time manipulation mechanic." There are no further details on the game, but you can probably expect to be, hm, an assassin... who lives in a motel and talks a lot? Thaaaaat's Suda! (Laugh track.)

Above: The game's logo

If you've done a bunch of missing out because you hate fun or something, Grasshopper Manufacturecreated theNo More Heroes series,but is probably best known for the controversialkiller7, asuper-stylishPS2/GameCube action game which wasbothadored andscoffed at by critics and gamers. Suda knowsthe avant-garde ain't easy, butthat'sneverstopped him, so expect Sine Mora to be loaded with more ofhis trademark imagination, and all in crisp HD.

Above: A screen from the lovely and strange killer7

Future titles and more details should be announced within the next few months.

Aug 18, 2010


Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer
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