Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm brutal campaign walkthrough


Main Objective: Destroy the Palace Gate, The Hyperion Must Survive
Bonus Objective: Clear Entrenched Positions [0/3]


The Reckoning: Complete “The Reckoning” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.
Swarm Guardian: Prevent the Hyperion from taking damage in “The Reckoning” mission.
Zerg Rush: Complete “The Reckoning” mission in less than 25 minutes on Normal difficulty.

Start off by saturating your base, building a few macro hatcheries, and some tech structures. You’ll be attacked by a few small groups of units, but your starting units will be more than enough to handle them.

Kerrigan’s aoe ability will be enough to clear the units at the terran base to the east. Be mindful of your minimap, because you will get attacked from the west, so be ready to head back and rally reinforcements.

Once you build your expansion, stay to defend it. Terran units will be sent non-stop until you clear out the surrounding production facilities.

You will be alerted when Mengsk sends special forces out. There will be a squad sent to destroy the Hyperion and it will succeed if you don’t intercept it.

Clearing out the Entrenched Positions allows Zagara to reinforce you with periodic waves of units.

The next squad that is sent to eliminate the Hyperion consists of upgraded battlecruisers and siege tanks. Make sure you have enough hydralisks to deal with the battle cruisers. Ultralisks will be enough to deal with the siege tanks.

Clearing out this area will lead you to the bridge switch. Destroying it will extend the bridge, making the path for reinforcing units much more direct.

Soon after, Mengsk will send out the Odin, a rather large Thor that first appeared in the Wings of Liberty campaign. Kerrigan’s aoe ability will destroy all of its normal Thor escorts and the rest of your army will then be able to quickly focus down the Odin.

There’s quite a bit defending the Entrenched Position to the northeast, but at this point you can afford to throw away units. Resupply with zerglings and more ultralisks and clear out the remnants of this position. Clearing out this position allows Dehaka to reinforce you with his primal zerg.

The last Entrenched Position is heavily guarded. Kerrigan’s aoe ability will help you clear it out much faster. Expect to lose your army and get ready to resupply with more ultralisks, roaches, and hydralisks to finish off the remaining forces. Clearing this position will allow Stukov to reinforce you with his forces.

After clearing out the Entrenched Positions, you can pretty much a-move to victory. You’ll have a large resource bank and a non-stop flow of reinforcing units at your disposal.