Sly 4 teaser stowed away in Sly Cooper Collection

A lot can happen over a weekend. Take, for instance, this teaser trailer for Sly 4 which was just unearthed as an unlockable treat in the recent PS3 Sly Cooper collection.

Posted by YouTuber, tatermoog, the brief trailer features Sucker Punch's master thief skulking about in the shadows while (we think) casing out his next target. It was reportedly unlocked by achieving the platinum trophy in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and has since sparked a ton of chatter on websites (and forums! ) everywhere.

With the Ratchet and Clank franchise taking its multiplayer detour and few rumblings of a true Jak & Daxter sequel, the big consoles are hurting for the kind of established AAA cartoon platformer that Sucker Punch is more than capable of delivering.

Nov 15, 2010

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