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The Force reawakens in the new issue of SFX magazine as we bring you unbeatable, Jabba-sized coverage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Plus: the return of Black Mirror, a cast-packed Game of Thrones celebration and all the latest news and reviews. Turn to the cool side with us.

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Grant Morrison's Happy! comes to TV while The Twilight Zone materialises on stage. Plus: 5 things you need to know about new supershow Krypton. All the latest news from the far corners of the geek universe, delivered direct to your cerebral cortex, no messin'.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

From an audience with Jedi master Mark Hamill to a natter with new star Kelly Marie Tran, here's our Force-fuelled celebration of the movie event of the year. Includes your guide to living like a Jedi (disclaimer: we are not responsible for turnings to the Dark Side).

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Black Mirror

Stardate: WTF? We're on set for the new series of Black Mirror as Charlie Brooker unleashes another bout of creeping techno-paranoia. Full disclosure: nano-cameras embedded in this page are watching you. Behave.

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Game of Thrones

What's it really like to live the Westeros lifestyle? The cast of TV's most brutal death-fest get together with SFX to share warm memories of escaping a bloody fate - for now - as we look back at seven seasons of Game of Thrones.

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Batman Vs Two-Face

Holy clash of pop-culture icons! We speak to William Shatner as he menaces Gotham City in new animated caper Batman Vs Two-Face, Adam West's final performance as the Bright Knight. Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!

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The Comic Strips Present

Long before comics became films and TV shows, TV shows became comics. Weird, huh? In the first part of a major new series, we take a deep dive into four-colour nostalgia, revisiting the trippy comic strip tie-ins of the swinging '60s. 

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Thor: Ragnarok and Blade Runner 2049 at the cinema, Stranger Things 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming on the small screen, Adrian Tchaikovsky's Dogs of War in books and DC's Dark Nights: Metal in comics. It's the SFX reviews section, sho' nuff.

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