SFX Hot Topic: What do you think of Star Trek Discovery?

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Unless you've been exiled to the Klingon prison world of Rura Penthe it can't have escaped your notice that there's a brand new Star Trek series on our screens (and if you have been exiled to Rura Penthe get back to the dilithium mines, slacker).

The opening two episodes of Star Trek Discovery dropped this week, giving us our first taste of the adventures of Lt Cmdr Michael Burnham. We want to know what you made of Trek's return to television - is it a worthy addition to the final frontier franchise? How does it compare to the other shows - and JJ Abrams' big screen reboot?

Did you find the story and characters compelling? Did you like the design? Was there too much gabbing in Klingon? Not enough of that cool crewmember with the Daft Punk helmet? Did Doug Jones' Lt Saru steal the show for you?

Tell us your thoughts – via interstellar mind meld or more conventional means – and you could be immortalised in a future issue of SFX magazine.

You can email your Star Trek Discovery opinions and predictions to sfx@futurenet.com. Alternatively you can post a comment below, tweet us at @SFXmagazine (using the hashtag #SFXhottopic), or join us on Facebook. We’ll pick out some of the most insightful and amusing comments and print them in the letters pages of SFX magazine 294, on sale November 8, 2017. 

And if you’d like to rant/rave about any other burning issues in the world of sci-fi and fantasy, feel free! What do you make of JJ Abrams coming back to Star Wars? Are you enjoying Electric Dreams on Channel 4? What do you think of The Orville? Did Kingsman: The Golden Circle deliver the sequel you wanted? What about It? And let us know what you think of the current issue of SFX too! Drop us a line at sfx@futurenet.com

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