SFX Hot Topic: Is Hollywood overdoing the ’80s nostalgia?

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It was the decade of big shoulder pads, bigger hair, Rubik’s Cubes and Margaret Thatcher. It was also the era of some of the greatest genre movies of all time, which is probably why ’80s nostalgia is massive business right now – with the Ghostbusters reboot, and Netflix’s zeitgeist grabbing Stranger Things among the most talked-talked about genre offerings of the summer.

But is our love of the ’80s a good thing? Should Hollywood keep harking back to the decade that brought us Back To The Future, The Goonies, Gremlins, ET and, er, Krull, because there were so many movies that have gone on to become part of our collective cultural psyche – and we want more of the same? Or should they give up trying to recreate the past, and do something original instead? Have we reached peak ’80s, or is there more to come? 

And what is it that makes the ’80s so special? (We reckon the lack of mobile phones is a big factor – imagine Stranger Things if the kids had constantly been on Snapchat...) Are there other eras that deserve a screen renaissance? Are there any movies or TV shows you’d like to see revisited? And are there any sacred cows that absolutely should not be touched? 

Email your thoughts to sfx@futurenet.com, using the subject line HOT TOPIC: ’80s nostalgia. Alternatively you can post a comment below, tweet us at @SFXmagazine (using the hashtag #SFXhottopic), or join us on Facebook. We’ll pick the wisest, wittiest, most original comments to appear in the letters page of SFX 280, on sale 12 October.

We’re not just interested in your opinions on ’80s nostalgia, of course. We want to know what you thought of the quality of this summer’s blockbusters, what new season TV shows you’re most looking forward to, how you’ll handle the news that we’ll have to wait ANOTHER FOUR MONTHS to see Star Trek: Discovery on telly, and anything else that might be on your sci-fi radar. This is your chance to be immortalised in the pages of SFX magazine!


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