Riddle me this...

Da Vinci Code trailer has hidden... erm... code!

Who would have thought it, eh? A movie about code breaking has a secret code in the trailer that’s about to be not that secret anymore!

It seems those lovely people at Sony decided to give a little extra to the Da Vincians this Christmas and slip something cryptic into their teaser. Did you spot it?

You might have thought that the letters highlighted at the end of the trailer were simply a nice little touch from Mr Howard whereas in fact they spell out the word SEEK and the letters, T H S E C D E O.

We had five of our best men on this all night and we came up with nothing. Then our Online Ed cracked it in mere seconds... Head over to www.seekthecodes.com to find out what all the fuss is about...

Source: ( Seekthecodes.com )