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  • Submitted by Davis Loh J. Y.

Resident Evil 2 Cheats

  • Secret Film

    There's a secret film can be found in the stars office. You just have to search the desk that says "it's trashed" about fifty times.
    Submitted by fergus middleton
  • Secret Costumes

    Ok this may seem a little hard but after a few tries you might get it in one try. All right so first choose normal difficulty then choose a character so you want to get to the police station WITHOUT PICKING UP ANY ITEMS AT ALL!! you have to go thought the gun shop without picking up the ammo or the store owners shot gun then get to the police station once your there go down the steps out in front of the police station and you will see a special zombie Brad Vickers from stars Alpha team you cant kill him with your weapons now so try going into the police station until you find the shot gun go back out and kill him you will get a key that he drops go inside and find the darkroom by the steps and press the a button on your controller you should open the locker. Leon has two costumes and Claire has one but she gets a gun. well hope this trick is useful!!
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Unlimited Ammo

    Begin game play then press Start to display the options screen. Select the ''Button Config.'' option. Highlight ''Aim'' then hold R and press Z 10 times. The white boxes around ''Config'' and ''Aim'' should change to red to confirm correct code entry.
    Submitted by lil ghetto
  • Be Leon or Claire

    You have to make it to the police station with out picking up anything. Enter the police station and pick up the bullets on the desk then head back outside go down the stairs and there will be a zombie down there. He is hard to kill but when you do search him you will find a key go back in and when you get tothe dark room their will be a locker and you can open it and find a new suit and gun...
    Submitted by None
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher

    If you beat scenario one and get A or B ranking and your total time is under 2 and a half hours,You will receive a Rocket Launhcer with
    infinite on senario 2 find it in the chest.
    Submitted by Leon
  • Infinite Gatling Gun

    Beat the game with Leon or Claire on the Second Scenario and a ranking of an A or a B, you will get an infinite Gatling Gun for the First Scenario
    Submitted by Nong Roath Nai
  • Safe Code

    first go to the police department and get the blue key card from the black guy and go upto the computer and keep pressing x and it will show the doors unlock go back up the stairs in the front of the police station inside and turn left and go in the room there is about five zombies in there and one zombie in a door way with a desk inside os it go upto the safe and put in the numbers 2236 and it will open in there you will find a police station map and a bag full of six acid spary things.
    Submitted by andrew.eddy
  • Blow up Alligator

    At the aligator with leon or claire there is a yellow butten on the wall if you push it a gas canastor will fall out of the wall the alligator will grab it in its mouth and you shot at the canastor with your handgun and the alligator will blow to bits.
    Submitted by Matt
  • Click X 50 times

    click 50 times at the desk in the stars room the letters say the desk is messy someone must have searched it.somthing like that.the 50th time you click x you will get a roll of film
    Submitted by paul
  • Unlimited Rocket Launcher

    After beating the game with Leon or Claire with a grade of a or b, you must start the game over with leon and go to city hall and it is at the front desk.
    Submitted by None
  • Safe Code

    first go to the police department and get the blue key card from the black guy and go upto the computer and keep pressing x and it will show the doors unlock go back up the stairs in the front of the police station inside and turn left and go in the room there is about five zombies in there and one zombie in a door way with a desk inside os it go upto the safe and put in the numbers 2236 and it will open in there you will find a police station map and a bag full of six acid spary things. Also reported as 4542 or 3326. get the number from the police report it may change.
    Submitted by andrew.eddy
  • Upgrades for Leon and cool gun for Claire

    There are many upgrades to leon's guns. the 1st is in the desk right b4 you first enter the library. To get in the desk you will need a small key and you will get the handgun parts. Towards the end, after you get off the tram you should lite the flare gun and a key will appear. pick it up. as you go through the door there will be an intersection, go left. there will be a dead corpse, search him and you will find parts for the shotgun. Then when you are about to enter the lab where the g-virus is made there is a set of lockers. Open the one with the blue lite ontop. here are the magnum parts. When you are Claire you will find a really neat gun in the same spot where you find the shotgun parts for leon. i forget what its called but its really cool.
    Submitted by bobby
  • Master Code

    When the title screen appears, press on the control pad, Down, Up, Down, Up, A, B, Left-c, Right-c, Start
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Hidden Audio Trick

    Start a new game with Leon. Right when the Racoon City street sign exits the screen (not the freeway sign), start the song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Watch how the words and the music follow the game exactly! It will blow you away!
    Submitted by Greg/Chad
  • Invincibility

    Goto load screen then press Down (4) Left (4) L Shoulder R Shoulder twice Then L again then C-up then C-down
    Submitted by None
  • Infinite Acid Rounds

    To get infinite acid rounds, you have to get infinite ammo for the grenade launcher, then combine the acid rounds with the grenade launcher to get infinite acid rounds.
    Submitted by Adam Labrie
  • Infinite Ammo

    Go to the load game and press Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, L, R, L, R, C-Right, C-Left
    Submitted by Jeff Ketchum
  • Secret Police Station Gate

    Make your way to the main police station door...But don't go in it!!! Go directly across from it until you hit a wall and press the A button and the camera view will change and show a gate with 3 zombies on the other side. You can kill the zombies but the gate won't open. You can keep on killing the same zombies by going into the police station then outside and go to the same gate.
    Submitted by Darr-man
  • Rebecca Chambers Picture

    Go to the S.T.A.R.S main office on the second floor adn inspect the desk 50 times.You will be asked to get a roll of film.Say yes and go to the dark room on the first floor.Develope the film and you will get a pic of Rebecca Chambers in a basketball uniform.
    Submitted by Michele
  • Get Both Red Diamonds

    message: #1: go where you see the two statues and both are faceing the wall you have to push them out and switch the one on the left to the one on the right but you have to put them against the wall where you see the thing built into the wall like a little ridge. #2: you have to be claire for both of them of of your leon you have to find the lighter then you go to the classroom on the the west side of the building (it's the room where there's lots of seats) then go in the back room and you'll see a painting with a naked guy being hung then you get in front of it get the lighter out and it will burn a little hole where th red diamond will fall out
    Submitted by None
  • Infinite Gatling Gun

    To get this code you must complete the second scenario in under two and 1/2 hours without saving any. You can be either character, Leon or Claire.
    Submitted by Metal Man
  • All Weapons

    Press c-up(4 times),c-down(7 times),L,R,R+L,R+L, at the load game screen. The game then returns to the main menu.

    NOTE:It will only return to the main menu if you did it correcctly!!!!!!!!
    Submitted by None

Resident Evil 2 Hints

  • Quick Finish Time

    To get a time limit of under two hours: First don't grab any herbs keep the aid sprays u already have in the chest and dodge zombies instead of killing them and don't waste time making poses the time i got for doing this method was 1:36:24 (1 hour 36 min. 24 sec.) you may get a shorter time than mine good luck.
    Submitted by Tony
  • Character hints

    There are two extra characters to get when you complete Resident Evil 2 (NOT
    ON EASY), what you didn't think that it would be easy did you? Anyway the
    two characters which you can get are called:
    Hunk - He is a member of the swat team that
    got slaughtered by William Birkin (BIG
    zombie!!) Now this guy has some mean
    guns but only limited ammo for them,
    he also has some herbs, but be careful
    how many zombies you blast away at.
    Tofu - He, or it is a big lump of fish food
    that only has a knife and some herbs,
    so it's very very hard to complete
    Both of these characters have the same mission, which is to get from the
    sewers to the rooftop of the police station.
    The instructions on how to get these characters are as follows:
    Hunk - Beat both the A and B scenarios and
    get an A grade each time and then save
    your game after you have completed the
    B Scenario and then you should have
    the option to save it again as the
    4th survivor. Then load the game
    and have some fun.
    Tofu - Beat the A scenario 3 times and
    the B scenario 3 times aswell and
    get an A grade each time and then
    do the same as you did for the
    other scenario and try to complete
    these extra games.
    Oh yeah I forgot on both these scenarios you have got some mean baddies to
    kill like William Birkin,the Terminator (The guy in the B scenarios that
    wears the green coat and is a pain in the ar.. oops sorry neck to kill).
    Aswell as some of them grey lickers and some big improved killer plants,
    that you normally find in the umbrella chemical plant.
    Also you cannot pick up any items at all, so be careful with how you handle
    your herbs!!
    Submitted by Carl

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May 08 1998 - PS1
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