Puppeteer head locations guide

Act 2: Who to Trust

Curtain 1

15: Caterpillar

When you first reach leaves after the bounce pads, hit the large caterpillar to the right.

16: Koi-Nobori

When you reach the two trees with red wheels on them, hit the red fish banner in the background.

17: Panda

Hit the panda three times that appears in the background on the bamboo trees.

18: Cherry Tree

After you reach the top of the cherry blossom tree, this will appear automatically once you reach the ground again.

19: Jizo Statue

During the lantern battle, use Pikarina on the six statues to turn their heads upside down and make them smile.

20: Paper Lantern

To get this head, you will need the pirate hook and use it on the last stage of the Lantern Boss. Latch onto the hook that pops out of the right side of the lantern and the head will fly out.

21: Taiko Drum

Once you defeat the Lantern Weaver, you will receive this head for your troubles.

Curtain 2

22: Mushroom

Hit the stack of mushrooms right at the start to make this head appear.

23: Kappagaeru Sprog

In the second stage when you meet the three frogs, once they get eaten, this head will fly towards you.

24: Acorn

For the acorn, near the start of the level there will be a group of leaves that you can shake with Pikarina. When you shake them, leaves will fall out. Cut up them and to the left to find three holes. Hit the squirrels that appear in each hole and the acorn will fall out.

25: Cedar Couple

When you are bombing the purple ooze off the cedar couple, there will be a ledge to the upper left on the male tree where you can use the Cherry Tree head.

26: Rat

When General Rat is on the ground after you have defeated him, have Pikarina hit him to make it appear.

Curtain 3

27: Mummy

Use the rat head when you reach the head marker on the side of the snake’s body. There will also be a pyramid of cheese in the background.

28: Snake

After you seam cut out of the snake’s body and land on the ground in front of it, use Pikarina to hit General Snake in the mouth a few times.