PSN+ subscribers get free Simpsons Arcade Game next month

Sony's just unveiled a preview of the free games coming to PSN+ in February. First up on Feb 7 is The Simpsons Arcade Game, an HD remake of Konami's 1991 beat-'em-up with online four-player co-op. The title, which takes cues from Final Fight as well as Konami's own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is notable for the sheer density with which it piles on the in-jokes – doubly impressive given the relative paucity of same the developer had to work with back in '91.

Above: The SD original. Those jaggy things making up the picture are called "pix-els"; we didn't have many to go round back then

If your tastes lean more toward the non-animated, February will also see PSN+ subscribers get free access to Far Cry 2 and the PS1 version of Final Fantasy V. The final week of February sees six free Genesis titles – Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Streets of Rage II, Golden Axe, Sonics 1 and 2 – go live, giving you no end of curiously wide streets to walk along while bashing colorful enemies in flamboyant ways. And if you're a non-PSN+ subscriber, Simpsons Arcade has yet to be formally announced for XBLA, but we bet it'll happen any day now.


  • birdman1041 - January 31, 2012 11:04 p.m.

    Love The Simpsons Arcade Game. Not enough to buy PSN+, mind you, but still.
  • nunchaku - January 31, 2012 3:32 p.m.

    All of those genesis titles have already been offered to psn+ subscribers, i'm waiting for something new rather than repeats all the time
  • chrisat928 - January 31, 2012 4:14 p.m.

    The Simpsons and Farcry 2 not enough for you?
  • TheVoid - January 31, 2012 8:32 p.m.

    They are for me, as well as FFV (which I'm the most excited about), but Nunchaku has a point. I've only been a PSN+ member since PSN's "Welcome Back" (read: We Apologize For Dropping the Ball So Severely) package, so seeing those Genesis titles mentioned here when they were already available not that long ago is a bit disappointing. Although perhaps it's more of a Sega thing than a Sony thing - not sure how that all factors into what gets chosen each month. And to your point, it's definitely not all that is coming out. But while we are at it, I also felt a bit robbed when I saw Dead Nation offered for free to PSN+ users in October, being one of the games I chose from the "pick two" selection from the "Welcome Back" package, which itself spurred my full PSN+ subscription status (as I'm sure was the case with many others). I'm not saying that Dead Nation should never have been offered but it was mere months since it was dangled as a limited offer choice. Had I known it was slated to come to PSN+ in just a few months anyway I definitely would have chose differently. But ultimately I do have to say that I'm quite happy with the PSN+ service. When it first hit the scene I was extremely skeptical, envisioning Sony offering only a handful of duds with extremely dragged out rotations. As it stands I'm almost in disbelief regarding the number of quality releases I've collected so far, to the point where I'm starting to feel almost bogged down (in a good way). Whereas I grabbed EVERYTHING (free) they had to offer during my first few months, I've become far more leisurely as of late, Sony having proven to be far more generous than I ever would have expected, freeing me up to only grab what really looks good. To say I've already gotten my money's worth in free games is an understatement. Sure, they're not all great, but only a few have downright sucked (minis in most cases) while a suprising number of them have been games I've considered buying. So in the end I very much have to applaud Sony for their PSN+ efforts. If anything, the $50 I dropped on it beats the piss out of the $50 XB360 owners need to drop just to do what PS3 offered for free out of the box. Hell, the auto-patching alone is arguably worth it, let alone all the free stuff and occassionally noteworthy deals. So I for one am not bitching. ... But something different Genesis-wise would have been nice.
  • AndresGP - January 31, 2012 2:10 p.m.

    Sweet! I loved playing that game when I was younger. I'm glad to finally see it on PSN.
  • Moondoggie1157 - January 31, 2012 2:09 p.m.

    OooOooOoo another reason I love my Plus account. RELEASE LEGEND OF DRAGOON ALREADY!!!!

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