PS4 Neo is now known as "PS4 Pro," will cost $399, available November 10

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Ever since Sony announced it would be hosting a PlayStation event, we've been wondering if the company would take the opportunity to give some solid details on PS4 Neo, formerly known as PS4.5 and PS4K. First off, it's no longer PS4 Neo - Sony revealed the new, more powerful console will be called PS4 Pro instead. Second and more important, the PS4 Pro will cost $399/£349 when it launches on November 10.

While Sony didn't elaborate or get specific the system's hardware, it sounds like they're not far off from those listed by Giant Bomb earlier this year. The PS4 Pro will have an upgraded graphics processing unit, upgraded CPU, and faster memory. As for what this means for you, we've got a whole article dedicated to how PS4 Pro games work and what improvements will be seen on the user side of things, as well as an article listing the PS4 Pro system specs for you to check out as well.

Got it all in your head? Then head over to our poll and tell us if you'll be buying a PS4 Pro or skipping this new machine.

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