Prometheus viral campaign continues


Prometheus ’s viral marketing campaign continues to snowball, with today bringing a special email from Peter Weyland to all those who had registered with the Weyland Industries website.

The email provides users with “shareholder access” to the website, which has unlocked a few more tidbits of info concerning the nature of the company.

For example, there is an updated timeline that nods to the company’s terraforming research, as well as making reference to an interstellar police force. From that, we can conclude that Weyland was responsible for founding the Colonial Marines in 2065.

The email message read as follows:

“Valued Shareholder,

Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunities offered by Weyland Corporation.

Submitted for your consideration, Weyland Industries’ most recent financial information is now available on   This information is current as of this quarter and covers progress on Weyland Industries endeavours including but not limited to our ongoing cybernetics program, terraforming activities and Project Prometheus.

Visit our Investor Information page for an in-depth financial overview of the company.”

Prometheus opens in the UK on 1 June 2012. In the meantime, head over to Weyland Industries to see if you can dig out any more nuggets of info!


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