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Project IGI Cheats

  • Deactivate Enemies

    It is much easier to play the game if you make some changes in the ai files.
    Go to c:\program files\eidos interactive\project IGI\pc\common\ai.Make a copy of this folder "ai"
    Then copy the civilian.qvm (ctrl+C)
    Paste it multiple times (ctrl+v)
    Delete other files 1 by 1 and
    Rename each copy of civilian (F2)
    To guard, gunner, observer, etc
    WARNING : Don't change settings, Anya, & Priboi
    Submitted by Sri Aurobindo-The BPUT Topper,sri_aurobi
  • Various Cheats

    At the main menu type "nada" this enables cheats...Apparently?

    In the game type these codes: -
    Allgod=god mode for you and your team
    Allammo=Infinite ammo
    easy=Easy difficulty
    ewww=Kill all enemies
    Submitted by Karo Bonas
  • Helicopter Crash

    In boarder crossing get past the first complex and carry on down the road it should say that there is a helicopter on its way get to a safe place and when its out of range follow it it should start to descend and it will hit the ground and bounce into landing position trust me its funny
    Submitted by craig
  • Re-Supply Hint

    In the 8th level (Re-supply),
    When u get out of the truck, just run straight without stopping. U will see some big green containers placed near the wall. Get on top of one of it with the help of the wooden box kept in between.
    When u r on top, try to jump above the wall with ur mouse pointer a little up. Try it a few times and u will be able to jump above the wall and get outside.
    Ur first objective will be complete without going in the building and not even killing anyone.
    Submitted by DaViD jOnEs - IGI

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