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    For all the people that are really having trouble finding the best tactics to play on this game well look no more i have all the tips to help you find the tactics you need to have the perfect season with any team you want
    ok start off with a 442 or 433 formation. if you have chosen 442 then play zonal and long ball. if you have chosen 433 then play man to man and passing. your training should contain of fitness, formation and skill.
    ok the best players to buy-:
    player = club
    popovic = Graz
    sheringham = Manchester United
    Iversen = Tottenham
    sullivan = Wimbledon
    suker = Arsenal
    wright = Aston Villa
    shearer = Newcastle
    valovic = free transfer (i don't know what team)
    baggio = Parma
    glass = Swindon
    stewert = Huddersfield
    ruddock = West Ham
    ok i have a new cheat i found this out just early. how to get more money this cheat works at the end of the season. when your players need a new contract don't when they go onto a free transfer wait till a club goes in for them then go to the player thats being offered by a new club then give him a contract then up the price to how ever much you want. then they will accept it and you get the money loads of it!!!!!
    Submitted by titchener

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