Pokemon White/Black: Mewtwo returns via DS, TCG and online TV special

Legendary first-gen beast available via time-limited Wi-Fi event

Nintendo's announced that Mewtwo, one of the original Legendary Pokemon from the game's Red and Blue iterations, will be returning to the Pokemon universe in the form of a downloadable character for the DS's Pokemon Black and White. There'll also be a Mewtwo-EX card issued for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and a rescreened TV special exploring the character's reappearance.

The Legendary Mewtwo will become available for Pokemon Black and White for a limited-time event beginning on Feb 12. Nintendo promises more details closer to the time. There's also a Mewtwo-EX trading card (seen above) to be packaged as part of the new line of trading cards to go on-sale Feb 8. Finally, the Mewtwo-starring 2006 online TV special, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon, is having a rescreening on the Pokemon site now.

If all of this doesn't make a damn ounce of sense to you, the site also features an interactive timeline of Mewtwo's past misadventures. Once you see his storied history you'll come to have a new-found respect for the unique psychic mastermind.