Photo shows Watch Dogs tablet gameplay

A new photo is circulating today that shows the new tablet control that had been previously confirmed for Ubisoft's new IP Watch Dogs, announced at E3 this year.

Though it was shown sparingly at E3, we weren't sure what this new method of control would look like. Thanks to the new image we now have at least a slightly better idea.

Seen below, the image shows the player manipulating the game with what looks like an iPad. The tablet shows an isometric view of the city from above. According to a Destructoid interview, the Watch Dogs app functions as something of a companion to the main game rather than a standalone experience.

The app is essentially a map which allows you to better keep tabs on your game. For instance, we're told that once you've hacked somebody in-game, you'll be able to monitor their position at all times via the companion app. You can also use the app to monitor what your friends are doing in the game, and even affect their world (if they give you permission.)


  • BrunDeign - June 19, 2012 11:41 a.m.

    Man it would be a crime to gaming if this didn't (or couldn't) make it to the WiiU. The WiiU Gamepad seems perfect for this game.
  • Dadyo238 - June 18, 2012 1:43 p.m.

    What I'm kindof interested in is that, at the end of the e3 trailer, the camera panned away from the "main" character and went to another, complete with a name over his head. Is this implying some sort of multiplayer component? If so, it looks veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry interesting.
  • jmcgrotty - June 18, 2012 1:14 p.m.

    Don't hold this against me in the future, since it goes against everything I have ever believed in, and will continue to believe in, but... That seems a bit promising of a use for the tech. Congrats, companies. It only took you, what? 5 years?

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