Peyton Hillis wins vote for Madden 12 cover

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis has been chosen by online voters to grace the cover of EA's upcoming Madden 12. Hillis won the role after securing 66% of the 1,095,271 votes split between himself and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Over 12 million online votes were counted for the entire tournament, which saw a representative from each NFL team compete in a tournament style competition. The final results were announced live last night on ESPN's SportsNight. Highlights of the broadcast include Hillis and Vick feigning interest in how the entire voting went down, and Vick's gentlemanly reaction to his significant defeat.

With only three seasons under his belt, Hillis is a talented but somewhat unlikely choice for Madden's poster man/child. The honor has traditionally been awarded to players with a little more history in the league, such as Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who shared the 2010 cover; and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who won a similar fan vote in 2011. It's likely Vick's dog fighting indictments back in 2007, and the fact he has already been featured on the Madden 2004 cover, played some part in giving Hillis the edge in the final round of EA's competition.

You can see Hillis in his winning pose when Madden 12 releases for all major consoles on August 30th.

[Source: ESPN]

Apr 28, 2011

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