Real-world NFL drama won't affect Madden 12

Although there is a very real possibility that the upcoming 2011 football season will be put on hold due to a union dispute, Madden publisher EA Sports says it will have no impact on whether or not the next Madden video game will be released.

There hasn't been a complete work stoppage in the NFL since 1987, but that may become a very real occurence this year after the union that represents NFL players was decertified. Without going into too much legal mumbo jumbo, what this means is that individual players are now able to sue their respective team owners. That's exactly what 10 players are doing and it's what led to the decertification process to begin with.

The NFL Players Association does still exist, though, and its contract with EA Sports remains intact. As such, even if the 2011 NFL season is pushed back or - unthinkably - canceled altogether, there will still be a Madden NFL game.

"Madden NFL 12 will be released in August as always. All the NFL teams, all the NFL players, all Madden," confirmed EA Sports spokesperson Rob Semsey in a tweet.

Nothing will change. All NFL trademarks, team logos, and league symbols are licensed separately and have nothing to do with the labor dispute.

Of course, part of the Madden franchise is feeling like you're playing right alongside everyone in the real-world season. That feeling will surely be impacted if the NFL season is put in hiatus.

[Source:Twitter(Rob Semsey)]

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Mar 14, 2011