Ninja Gaiden 3 teaser teases Ninja Gaiden 3

The latest trailer from Team Ninja starring Ryu Hayabusa has a good chance of being Ninja Gaiden 3

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Apologies for that palindromic headline, but we%26rsquo;re all probably a little weary of preludes to teasers of announcements. Yet as far as prolonging the magic goes, this GDC trailer from Team NINJA, teasing the E3 2011 reveal of a game confirmed for 2012 is pretty damned good one:

We%26rsquo;vepreviously reported on the existence of a Ninja Gaiden 3, although Tecmo%26rsquo;s press release coyly hints that the unnamed teaser above is nothing more than a %26ldquo;new look into the next installment in the legacy of one of the studio%26rsquo;s most iconic characters,%26rdquo; without confirmingwhat it is specifically.

Above: The number THREE is heavily implied, as is the possibility of this being a Ninja Gaiden game. Figure it out, gumshoe!

At least they%26rsquo;re serious about taking things in a different direction. The press release alsoechoes previous sentiments from newly crowned Team NINJA head, Yosuke Hayashi, by stating said game will %26ldquo;introduce this franchise to a broader audience while at the same time retaining the legendary challenge that has drawn hardcore gamers.%26rdquo; More importantly, the teaser adds a little credit to the promise ofan actual "reveal," as in, something you didn't already know about a certain character's identity. Hopefully, they'llconfirm my suspicion that Ryu has been the Tecmo Bowl referee all along!

Above: This'll make sense if you watch, silly

Feb 28, 2011


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