New trailer from action-RPG Loki

Cyanide Studios, responsible for the Blood Bowl-style game Chaos League, is parading its PC action-RPG Loki in front of us in a new gameplay trailer - which we've uploaded to our video player.

The developer describes its game as "a fantasy voyage through the great mythologies." Why? Because you the player get to assume the role of one of four heroes from mythology - a Norse fighter, a Greek warrior, an Egyptian magician or an Aztec shaman - and aid the gods in defeating Seth, the Egyptian god of darkness and evil, who has returned from the kingdom of the dead.

"The hero must therefore undertake an epic journey across the various epochs and myths. He will fight a multitude of monsters of all shapes and sizes, and even overthrow a few gods, on his way to preventing Seth from establishing his wicked reign," explains Cyanide.
Similar to Diablo, Loki features randomly generated weapons, armor, spells and other items, and we're expecting co-op support and small-scale PvP to be included too. Take a look and the gameplay trailer and see what you think.

June 6, 2007


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