New Japanese trailer for The Lone Ranger: watch now

The Lone Ranger has released a new Japanese trailer, featuring a few new snippets of footage and placing the emphasis firmly on the film’s action.

Armie Hammer plays the titular lawman who teams up with Johnny Depp’s Native American spirit warrior Tonto, to become a legendary justice-dispensing machine.

Together, the two of them must clean up a version of the Old West where corruption is rife, and every second Stetson-wearing cowpoke is packing a six-shooter.

Take a look at the new trailer, below:

The action certainly looks meaty enough, while Depp’s character seems at least a couple of steps removed from the swaggering eccentrics he’s tended to play over recent years.

Directed by Gore Verbinski and co-starring Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson and William Fichtner, The Lone Ranger will open in the UK on 31 May 2013.


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