New Die Hard and Sunshine posters arrive

Imagery for the franchise entry and the sci-fi thriller

It’s one of those days where studios feel like letting the world see the brand new posters for their upcoming films, sliding them online in a sneaky manner...

This time it’s Fox doing the display job, launching new posters for what is now known (internationally at least) as Die Hard 4.0 and Danny Boyle’s head-trip sci-fi adventure Sunshine.

The Die Hard poster naturally focuses on the franchise’s biggest selling point, namely Bruce Willis’ grizzled, bald noggin, though we note that he seems to have swapped the trademark grimy vest for the top of a pair of grimy long johns. Still, he’s getting on and you really need to keep warm at that age.

The Sunshine image, meanwhile, puts the raging, flaring star in prime position, with the cast either striding heroically, Right Stuff-style, or looking like they’re about to show off some fancy disco moves on that dance floor. Bet it’s the Right Stuff thing, because there’s zero dancing in the trailer...

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