New Dead or Alive girls artwork is bouncy

PSP Dead or Alive Paradise - the first portable pseudo-lesbian simulator

Lesbian simulator. That's what the press release should have described it as. Having said that it doesn't do much to dispel the fact that Dead or Alive: Paradise on PSP is just that. Like Dead or Alive Xtreme, this new handheld version encourages you to mingle, flirt, takes snapshots and play games with a bevvy of busty sirens, all the while buying them gifts to win their affections.

As far as we can tell (and assume from the last game) you play as a girl. So essentially you get to seethrough the eyes of amisproportioned pseudo-lipstick lesbian who lives on a fantastical sapphic atoll called New Zack Island. Of course, the game will insist these relationships are purely platonic, but we imagine the player will have other ideas.

Here's a gallery of DoA: Paradise artwork - probably the only time we'll ever bother to double click the 'artwork folder' in a batch of new screenshots until the new Tomb Raider comes out.When you're done check out more Dead or Alive: Paradise screeshots in our gallery.