NES Ghost 'n Goblins strangely disappears from the Virtual Console

SHENANIGANS: Following this week's release of a pricier Arcade version, the G'nG console port has been mysteriously delisted

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In a move that falls somewhere between odd and underhanded, the NES version of Capcom%26rsquo;s brutal coin-op %26ldquo;classic%26rdquo; Ghosts 'n Goblins has curiously vanished from the Wii's Shop Channelimmediately followingthe release of the Arcade port this week. Okay, on the surface it%26rsquo;s difficult to see why anyone would care.After all,both versions are seemingly identical, save for one %26ldquo;big%26rdquo; difference: The new version of Ghosts %26lsquo;n Goblins costs THREE DOLLARS MORE! ALAAAAAARM!

We don%26rsquo;t mean to downplay the situation, absurd as it is to think about people still willing to pay/play this excruciating relic from 1985, but it%26rsquo;s hard to imagine the move as anything other than purely money-motivated. What%26rsquo;s even more troubling is that it%26rsquo;s an especially bizarre, evencallous, maneuver from the notoriously fan-friendly Capcom for a variety of reasons.

Above: Which version of the game is this? AHAHAH, WE%26rsquo;LL NEVER TELL!

First off, multiplatform versions of Street Fighter have coexisted peacefully on theVirtual Console for years. Second, is Ghosts %26lsquo;n Goblins really that much of a cash cow? For $5 more than the VC Arcadeversion, you can get that game, multiple versions of SFII, 1943, and Bionic %26ldquo;Goddamned!%26rdquo; Commando and a dozen othergames in theCapcom Classics Collection, all brand new and discy. Hell, you can play it right now, FOR FREE, on the iPhone! (Up to three times a day in the Capcom Arcade app.) Lastly, who the hell is still buying Ghosts %26lsquo;n Goblins?! As one of the most unforgiving games of all time, it%26rsquo;s not really what you%26rsquo;d call %26ldquo;fun,%26rdquo; and most old school gamers know full well it%26rsquo;s a trip down memory lane you%26rsquo;ll never survive.

Above: Just as easy as it looks

Ghosts %26lsquo;n Goblins has one sole remaining demographic: Collectors... who probably would%26rsquo;ve happily purchased both without being forced to make such a decision. Yet they%26rsquo;re precisely the ones getting screwed, and at a premium no less. No matter how inconsequential you consider the game, it%26rsquo;s a profoundly "dick move" on someone%26rsquo;s part, and makes almost no sense ina world of digital releases and games that consist of less than half a dozen MBs. Shame on somebody!

Jan 11, 2011


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