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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats

  • Fight Mileena

    When you unlock the power to "swing" go to the living forest. The first area where you foight the monters. If you look closly you will be able to find a tree branch that you can swing on. Find it by pushing R3 so that you can able to see more of the scenery! When you find it swing on it until you get to the top. You will enter a hidden lair. Follow the path and defeat Mileena! watch out for the mask guards! There's two!
    Submitted by Matt Apelu
  • Unlock Characters

    Entry location: At the main menu
    On the main menu, input the following key commands to unlock characters and modes from the outset.

    Unlock Scorpion for Story Mode ... Hold L2 and input SQUARE, UP, L1, R1, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE. Release L2 to finalize the code.

    Unlock Sub-Zero for Story Mode ... Hold L2 and input SQUARE, DOWN, UP, L1, L1, UP, SQUARE. Release L2 to finalize the code.

    Submitted by Prithvi shankar.S
  • Unlock Mortal Kombat 2

    At the Main menu hold L2 and press Square, Up, Down, Right, Left, R2, Square to Unlock Mortal Kombat 2
    Submitted by Talal Al Haremi
  • Play as Sub-Zero

    At the main menu hold L2 and press Square, Down, Up, L1, L1, Up, Square to unlock Sub-Zero in everything
    Submitted by Talal Al Haremi

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Easter Eggs

  • Concept Art: Evil Monastary

    If you go to the stained glass windows in the first room of the evil monastary, you will find concept art.
    Submitted by IanDMo
  • Producers' Heads

    At the bridge in the spike pit {and on bridge} the heads you see are the heads of the game's producers.
    Submitted by chris
  • Santa or Witch

    At the pit level go on the bridge and look at the moon. At a certain time Santa and his reindeer with appear flying in the sky. Or sometimes you will see a witch instead.
    Submitted by jim
  • Santa!

    At the pit level go on the bridge and look at the moon. At a certain time Santa and his reindeer with appear flying in the sky.
    Submitted by jim

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Glitches

  • Hand Gloves

    This is a glitch, but sometimes on Kung Lao's fatalities, the hands get lowered LITERALLY into the gloves or bracelets.
    Submitted by Fire Spear

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Hints

  • Find Quan Chi

    Entry location: Soul tomb
    Go to the soul tomb and head to the far left, there you will see two pillars, break them, in the first one you will find a token take it, now you can talk to Quan Chi and all will be known.
    Submitted by Jarrett
  • Fight Kano

    Right before you fight Shoa Khan at the end of the game, you will find Kitana in the right cell walking back and forth. Talk to her (press black button) about 4 or 5 times until the guards come out, and go in the entrance they came out. You will come upon Jax, as he helps you fight Kano.
    Submitted by ZT11
  • Defeating Shao Kahn

    Entry location: Foundry
    This is easiest with Kung Lao. Stay far away from him and use your hat throw, making sure he doesnt blast you with a fire ball. After half his life is gone, his true face is revealed for the first time. He now uses a large hammer. Stay as far away from him as possible. Throw your hat. He will eventually perform a whirrling attack that will wipe out 25% of your life. Avoid this by long jumping away from him. He will have to rest after performing this attack. Take this opportunity to throw Kintaro's head at him. He will eventually die, following an outraegous fatality.
    Submitted by Sub-Zero No.1
  • Get Scorpion to Curse

    Entry location: Netherrealm
    In the Netherrealm, you have face Scorpion, and he will (like in all the other mk games) use his traditional spear and say "Get over here!". But I have a cool hint. This may take a while, and it may cost you your life (unless you have put in some kind of infinite health cheat), but you must dodge Scorpion's moves except for the spear. If you keep doing this, sooner or later he will say "Get the **** over here!" or "Get over here, *****!". During the part where he summons fire from the ground, he will sometimes say "**** mortals!". The spear part may also work when Scorpion is "Inferno Scorpion".
    Submitted by The Gamester
  • Kung Lao

    body slice: right, right, right, right, x
    friendly rabbit: up, up , up, down,x
    arm cutter: left, right, left, down,x
    head toss: left, right, left, left,x
    many chops :up, up, left, up,x
    headache: up, down, up, right,x
    buzzsaw: right, right, up, up, x
    tornado: up, right, down, left,y
    hat control: left, right, right, left, y
    razor edge: left, left, up, up, b
    Submitted by the man
  • Unconfirmed Fatalities

    Kung Lao
    Body Slice:Right,Right,Right,Right,square
    Mid Air Slice:Up,Up,Up,Right,square
    Friendly Rabbit:Up,Up,Up,Down,square
    Arm Cutter:Left,Right,Left,Down,square
    Head Toss:Left,Right,Left,Left,square
    Many Chops:Up,Up,Left,Up,square
    Unfriendly Rabbit:Left,Up,Right,Right,square
    Tornado:Up,Right,Down,Left,triangle (Multality)
    Hat Control:Left,Right,Right,Left,triangle (Multality)
    Razor Edge:Left,Left,Up,Up,circle (Brutality)

    Liu Kang
    Shaolin Soccer:Down,Left,Up,Right,square
    Bonebreak Combo:Left,Up,Up,Right,square
    Fire/Kick Combo:Left,Right,Down,Down,square
    Flipping Uppercut:Up,Right,Down,Left,square
    Giant Stomp:Left,Left,Left,Up,square
    Head Clap:Right,Up,Right,Up,square
    Arm Rip:Down,Left,Right,Up,square
    Fire Trails:Up,Down,Up,Down,triangle (Multality)
    Dragon's Fury:Left,Right,Up,Up,triangle (Multality)
    Rage Mode:Right,Up,Down,Down,circle (Brutality)

    Blade Lift:Down,Left,Right,Right,square
    Decapitation Slice:Left,Left,Left,Left,square

    Johnny Cage
    Decapitation Uppercut:Left,Left,Left,Left,square
    Torso Rip:Down,Down,Right,Right,square
    Punching Bag Fatality:Up,Left,Left,Left,square

    Kiss of Death:Right,Right,Right,Right,square
    Head Chop:Left,Left,Right,Right,square

    Hidden Chomp:Left,Left,Left,Down,square
    Head Eat:Left,Right,Left,Down,square
    Face Claw:Up,Up,Right,Left,square

    Spear Slice:Right,Down,Right,Right,square
    Raise Hell:Down,Down,Down,Up,triangle (Multality)
    Searing Blade:Right,Left,Right,Right,circle (Brutality)

    Spine Rip:Right,Down,Right,Right,square
    Freeze Uppercut:Right,Right,Down,Right,square
    Ice Stomp:Up,Up,Down,Up,triangle (Multality)
    Frostbite Rage:Up,Down,Left,Up,circle (Brutality)
    Submitted by lan244
  • Full Health

    Every time you kneel by the game saves, your health will refill. You don't actually have to save the game.
    Submitted by B West
  • Breaking blocks

    Here's a good move, when your enemy is blocking just grab him and toss him somewhere. This avoids wasting time and health. And in versus mode when your friends block you can catch them off gaurd and throw them away. This does not work aginst bosses.
    Submitted by johnny
  • Unlock Concept Art for More Fatalities

    If you find and unlock cocept art in story mode. You can review them in the Kontent. If the art that has the dragon logo it tells you some fatalities.
    Submitted by NB Playboy
  • Fatalities, Mutalities, and Rage Mode

    Liu Kang

    Arm Rip: Down, left, Right, Up, X
    Shaolin Soccer: Down, Left, Up, Right, X
    Giant Stomp: Left, Left,Left, Up, X
    Fire/Kick Combo: Left, Right, Down, Down, X
    Dragon: Down, Right, Left, Left, X
    Bonebreak Combo: Left, Up, Up, Right, X
    Flipping Uppercut: Up, Right, Down, Left, X

    Dragons Fury: Left, Right, Up, Up, Y
    Fire Trails: Up, Down, Up, Down, Y

    Rage Mode: Right, Up, Down, Down, B
    Submitted by vols rocked 98
  • Fight Ermac

    To fight Ermac in the story mode you have to already learned the skills fist of ruins, and swing on poles. If you have learned those skills then travel to the wu shi academy and walk all the way to the beginning of the level, Next to where the spikes on the walls are.The go foward and take the first right. jump over a spike pit and destroy the statue in your way. then go to an area called the somthin shrine. immedialy jump up to a cliff on the left and swing on poles across the cliffs. There you will see a big golden statue. Pray to the shrine. This will open a gate in front of you. Go through that gate and you will see statues of some mortal kombat 1 characters. Goro, Kano, Sonya, Johnny Kage, Lui Kang, Raiden. But the statue all the way on the left is a statue of Ermac. That weird because he was not in mortal kombat 1. Go to the statue of ermac and press the action key. It will say that its a mysterious statue. Press action key a few more times. The statue will start shaking and ermac will jump out of it and start to fight you.
    Submitted by Viktor Selinger
  • Baraka Fatality Moves

    Fatality 1: Press Down, Left, Right(2), Square.
    Fatality 2: Press Left(4), Square.
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Kung Lao Fatality Moves

    Fatality 1: Press Left, Right, Left, Down, Square.
    Fatality 2: Press Right(4), Square
    Brutality: Press Left, Left, Up, Up, Circle
    Multality: Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle
    Tornado: Press Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle (after you hit the opponent with the fatality stunner and you will kill multiple enemies)
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Liu Kang Fatality Moves

    Fatality 1: Press Down, Right, Left(2), Square.
    Fatality 2: Press Left, Right, Down, Square.
    Fatality 3: Press Up, Right, Down Left, Square.
    Mutality: Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle.
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Reptile Fatality Moves

    Fatality: Press Left, Right, Left, Down, Square.
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Scorpion Fatality Moves

    Fatality: Press Up(2), Down(2), Square
    Multality 1: Press Down(3), Up, Triangle
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Sub Zero Fatality Moves

    Fatality: Press Up(2), Down, Up, Triangle
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Cage Fatality Moves

    Fatality 1: Press Down(2), Right(2), Square.
    Fatality 2: Press Right(4), Square.
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Kitana Fatality Moves

    Fatality 1: Press Right(4), Square
    Submitted by Jagdeep
  • Liu Kang's Shaolin Soccer Fatality

    Down, Back, Up, Forward, Square
    Submitted by Scorpion

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Unlockables

  • Unlock Reptile

    Entry location: living forest
    In the living forest, go to the place where a small waterfall is. Go into the room on the right there is a stone door with two live clay soldiers. If you turn around you will see on the other side of the stream there will be a stone steeple, knock it over with a clay soldier. Go back to the place with the little waterfall and it should not be there anymore and a token will be there to unlock Reptile.
    Submitted by rakomaster
  • Scorpion

    To get Scorpion beat the game as Liu Kang.
    Submitted by gamepro1395
  • Unlock Johny Cage

    Unlock Johny Cage
    Submitted by Michael
  • Unlock Sub-Zero

    To get Sub-Zero for story mode you have to kill shao-kahn with kung lao.
    Submitted by Ian Farneth
  • Unlock Johny Cage

    At the beginning of the game, when you get to wu shi academy you will have to let some water out so you jump on a house with a boulder in it and you would usualy go left but go to the right and you will find a token to unlock johnny cage.
    Submitted by Michael
  • Unlock Baraka

    In the soul tomb there will be a room with a spiked chandlier that you will need to knock down (to do that knock one of the enemies into it). Jump on top of it then onto a ledge. Then take a right and jump onto the ledge that has a token on it.
    Submitted by BrendanDaBomb
  • Find Smoke/Unlock MK 2

    Go to the living forest and there will be a stone door with 4 stone men and 2 will start to fight you. When they start throw one at the door and the door will break open. Go in and you will find Smoke standing there. Go talk to him and do his 5 missions to unlock Mortal Kombat 2.
    Submitted by jim
  • Unlock Concept Art for More Fatalities

    If you find and unlock cocept art in story mode. You can review them in the Kontent. If the art that has the dragon logo it tells you some fatalities.
    Submitted by NB Playboy

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