Match of the century

Even though he may not have won the match outright, our custom created Superstar was able to pull off some of our favorite moves in the whole game (which, ironically enough, were both punches). The furious ten punch (pictured below) was as intimidating as it was brutal, but surprisingly easy to perform - here's how we did it: we initiated a grapple by holding the right bumper while flicking the right thumbstick, then, once we'd gotten ahold of Super Crazy by his fool head, we dragged him towards the turnbuckle and pressed "A" to prop him up against it.

Once in this position, we were able to mount Super Crazy and deliver excruciating blow after blow by pushing up and down on the right thumbstick. Be warned, if you try this at home you'd better keep an eye on your wrestler's stamina because each punch drains a significant amount, and the first time we tried this move we ended up doubled over and wheezing in nearly as bad of shape as Super Crazy.