Match of the century

We wanted to show off the exquisite multiplayer in WWE Smackdownvs RAW 2007, so we dragged our intern Shane out of his cage full of soiled diapers and hay to go a couple of rounds with us. To our surprise, Shane turned out to be able to hold his own in the digital ring... sadly, however, he still succumbed to the all-too real cattle prods when it came time to return him to the intern pens.

For our first match, he chose the hopelessly outmatched Super Crazy to go up against our custom created (using the hyper-advanced Create-A-Superstar feature) Grrr Gabe. First off, the weight difference between these two man-warriors was astonishing, and easily one of the clearest deciding factors in the fight. While Grrr was ranked as a super heavyweight at 6'7" and weighing in at about 300 pounds, poor Super Crazy barely made feather weight (check out the screen on the next page - Super Crazy is about nipple-height to our massive Grrr).