Match of the century

One of the immediate joys we were able to witness was the difference that size made in our very first match. Tiny Super Crazy's chest slaps simply bounced off of the mammoth Grrr Gabe, although, they did cause him to pause for a moment and scowl with disdain at Super Crazy. Still, Super Crazy enjoyed severe nimbleness due to his miniature stature - that little dude was bouncing around the ring like a rutabaga on a rubber band (or something else that bounces around a lot).

This speed advantage had incredible impact on the outcome of the match as Super Crazy was able to control the ring and put Grrr on the defensive. He was able to work holds and throws much faster than Grrr, which wound up being way more important than simply withstanding punches - and when did it become okay for wrestlers to punch each other? Wrestling is supposed to be a grappling sport... oh wait, calling the WWE's brand of wrestling a sport is kind of like calling a hot dog a serious actor, because it's just not. But we digress.