Match of the century

As a "dirty" wrestler, Grrr had access to a pretty sweet face-pummeling move that never failed to make us laugh hysterically. Whenever Super Crazy got taken to the mat (a simple throw initiated by flicking the right thumbstick down), we found that by walking around to the poor bastard's head and flicking the right thumbstick up we could deliver a series of mutilating blows to his face. Did the ref say anything? He'd better not or he gets the same!

Of course, what good are these moves if you don't earn the adulation of the throngs surrounding the squared circle? In WWE Smackdownvs RAW 2007, the quickest way we found for taking the crowd's breath away (besides simply beating the crap out of our opponent) was to mercilessly taunt them while they writhed in agony on the mat. Taunting is accomplished by pressing any direction on the d-pad, but be sure that your opponent is busy being engulfed in searing pain from a traumatic throw before you try it; otherwise, they'll just punch you or worse and that will end your hubris right quick.