Mario Party 6 Hints

  • Stars really fast

    Play solo mode on Thirsty Gulch. When the number of spaces left in the upper right corner turns red, use a sluggish shroom. If you don't have one, use a cursed mushroom. Land on the rare mini-game space, and get the rare mini-game and an additional 50 coins.
    Submitted by Beans444
  • How to use sluggish shroom orbs

    Hit the dice when you see the number 1 less than what you want. If you want a 1, hit 6 in solo mode, and 10 in party mode.
    Submitted by Beans444
  • Locations of rare mini-games

    Rare mini-games are always 1 player.
    Dunk Bros.[this game is not only 1 player]:Thirsty Gulch [solo mode]
    Block Star:Astro Avenue [solo mode]
    Lab Brats: Infernal Tower [solo mode]
    Seer Terror:Star Bank [cost 50 stars]
    The total cost of everything in the star bank is 430 stars.
    Submitted by Beans444
  • Extra move

    When you do Mic Mode go to the mini-games section. There will be 5 mini games to choose from. Do the first mini-game called Verbal Assault. In this game you have to try and hit the computers. You have to say in the mic "Fire" "Missiles" "Drop Bombs" and "Laser" to hit the computers. There is one more they didn't mention that I found out. To do this when your playing is simply say the word "Drop" and screws and bolts will come out of the place where the missiles come out of.
    Submitted by Joe Ghanem

Mario Party 6 Unlockables

  • Get Bullet bills and Goombas

    In the game Verbal assault if you are the one piloting the big machine say "bulletbills" or "Goombas".
    Additionally the following words also produce characters
    Cheep Cheep
    Fly Guy
    Submitted by Shadowx
  • Unlock Toadette

    Put 30 stars into the Star Bank to Unlock Her
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Clockwork Castle Board

    Put 100 stars into the Star Bank to Unlock the Board
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Rare Mini-Games

    Go to Solo Mode and play, it you will unlock other Mini-Games too. When you're almost at the end use the light green mushroom and try to hit it at the space that's last. And it will say you have {Then the name of the rare Mini-Game you unlocked} Rare items are the best games in Mario Party 6!
    Submitted by Ivan Navarro

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