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Mario Kart Super Circuit (Advance) Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mario Kart Super Circuit (Advance) Cheats

  • Delete All Saved Data

    To delete all saved data hold: L + R + B + START then turn the power on on your Game Boy Advance/SP.
    Submitted by Nintendo Master (Zander Gidaro)
  • Snow land short cut

    On Snow Land after the third bend go to the left side of the track (on the hard shoulder) and you will see a path cutting a huge bend. You will also pick up about 20 coins and go over a series of boosters to get you well ahead in the course.
    Submitted by elliot
  • Power Boost

    There are two power boosts in Mario Kart. 1 is when you first start off, just before the "blue-ish" light goes, hold the A button for a boost at the start. remembering to steer away from the other people. the other is when you are cornering. hold the R button, and the corner must be over 90 degrees sharp (I think!) and once you come out, should get a boost. REMEMBER, you must hold R the whole time around the corner =)
    Submitted by Laser_ice
  • ShortCut (Sky Garden).

    Go to Sky Garden and drive to (a little bit before) the second vine bridge. Look to the left an you should see a cloud. Hop on to it and hop on to the other road. This should put you one place ahead.
    Submitted by None
  • Mega Shortcut

    (this cheat only works in time trials)
    On Koopa Beach 1, get a boost start and turn a hard right. Use a boost across the deep water tapping R. Do this every lap (it even works without a boost!).
    Submitted by Trent Davis

Mario Kart Super Circuit (Advance) Hints

  • Horn Honker

    Entry location: in any race
    You can honk your horn in the middle of a race by pressing SELECT.
    Submitted by Luigi11710
  • Shortcut (Broken Pier)

    You must have a mushroom. When you are 10 feet back use your mushroom and there will be a jump. It will put you 3 or 4 Rankings
    Submitted by Matt Witulski
  • Shortcut (Rainbow Road)

    You must hit all the dash plates to go off the jump. You may fall off track. This will put you a couple of places
    Submitted by Matt Witulski
  • Shortcut (Ribbon Road)

    You must hit both dash plates or have a mushroom. At the first jump, use your mushroom or the dash plates. Turn on the second right. You will be right out in first
    Submitted by Matt Witulski
  • Characters shoot/honk/jump in character select

    While you are choosing your character, you can have a little fun. While highlighting a character, press the fire button(L) and you will shoot a green turtle shell, press select and your character will honk their horn and press jump(R)your character will hop (warning: the horn honking won't work on random character).
    Submitted by Justin Campbell
  • Rainbow Road

    Use mushrooms to cut corners. This may take a little getting used to (find the best places to cut across}.
    Submitted by Trent Davis
  • Easy Turn

    When you are turning hold a + b while you turn.
    Submitted by Nick Cook
  • 2 SKY GARDEN Short Cuts

    There is an almost 180 degree turn before the first bridge well there is a jump near it. I'll giveyou a "drawing" to look at.
    |----------------------------------| |
    | |
    | ====-------------------------------|
    | Jump |
    |------------------------------| |----
    (====)=jump | |
    AND you can use a boost before the jump to skip over tons of track!!!!
    Submitted by Dave DiPaola
  • Yoshi desert

    You need a star or a boost for this cheat to work. When you have a star or a boost wait until u get to where the lake is there is a munching plant there so be careful. When u see the pool take a very sharp left use your star or your boost there will a munching plant the boost will be to quick for it and the star will just go over it after that there will be a vine bridge there jump over it. This cheat may put u 2 or 3 places up the grid. This is especially good for time trial.
    Submitted by Mario 2000

Mario Kart Super Circuit (Advance) Unlockables

  • Get SNES Tracks in one Player Mode

    Finish every circuit with at least 125 coins to get the classic circuit in 1 player link mode (Also reported as just needing 100 coins)
    Submitted by None
  • Get Bonus Cup

    Get a gold trophy in each race
    Submitted by None
  • Get new Intro Screen

    Finish all circuits including 50cc, 100cc and 150cc
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Tracks

    Beat a circuit (Mario GP) with over 100 coins to get that courses extra tracks. You should see Congratulations! Extra Tracks _____ Cup (Varies depends on which you beat.) Push L or R to view them, and play them.
    Submitted by Anon
  • Extra character and space cup

    Once getting gold on every single cup even the extra cups you get Waluigi. Then complete every circuit with Waluigi and get gold then you get space cup.
    Submitted by Dudley boys
  • Extra tracks (16 of them)

    In grand prix mode collect 120 coins for each cup and get gold to get 4 extra tracks for that cup!
    Submitted by swifty tom 87 loves leonie

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