Lost Planet - levels 6-11

The final level is nothing more than a boss battle. Armed with your maxed-out, super-special Vital Suit, you ascend a slanted tower and take on the boss outside. The controls are radically different though - this level plays more like Omega Boost or Virtual On than an action shooter. The Suit's energy weapon is mostly useless against the boss, so stick to the sword.

As much as you want this to be a carefully planned, knock down, drag out fight, it's more about dogging this dude to death. Get in his face. Hold those triggers down at all times. Release them when you're close and start chopping him to bits. Don't try to get a lot of hits in at once though - slice once, let him fly away and do his pink energy thing while you hold the trigger, then close in for another swipe. Eventually he'll call down some extra gun, but as long as you keep your distance and only move in when necessary, this isn't too tough.

As for the tokens, they spell "Stardust" and are all inside the vertical shaft. Check the floor, the small hallway and around any doorway or entrance and you'll find them. The catch is that this tower is so damn big it's hard to spot these tiny rotating discs. Check the screens for more.

And that's it. Sit back and enjoy the ending. As much as we loved Lost Planet, the ending does tie it up pretty tight. If this ends up being the only game in the series, we're cool with that. Not that the story was anything special, but hey, it's always nice to see something end without a heavy-handed "DUN-DUN-DUN!" hint at another game.

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