Lost Planet launch party open to public

Capcom has one hefty post-holiday gift ready for you gamers living in the San Francisco area. On Thursday, January 11, Capcom is hosting a gigantic Lost Planet launch party at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center and oh yeah, it’s open to the public. That’s right. You can rub elbows with fellow gamers and the developers of the game from 8 PM to Midnight if you’re in the Bay area.

When you’re not getting nerd sweat all over the controls trying to blast aliens to bits, you’ll be able to partake in a massive multiplayer tournament with some kick-ass prizes, design your own Lost Planet t-shirt and watch master LEGO savant Nathan Sawaya construct awesome sculptures.

If this sounds like heaven to you - and it should - you better get your ass registered at or (login: Genesis, password: 111) ‘cause seats be limited. Oh, and you gotta be at least 18. Sorry kiddos.

January 2, 2007


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