LEGO Batman 2: Red Brick Locations

The 20 various Red Bricks that you can find throughout Gotham City allow characters to add some special perks to their abilities in LEGO Batman 2. To enable the cheats go to the Extras Menu. While some of the effects are not too useful, the five different stud multipliers that can be unlocked are invaluable for unlocking more characters.

Each of the hidden Red Bricks need to be purchased once the crates holding them are opened, and those containers can only be opened by either The Joker, The Riddler, or Lex Luthor, and of course, each of the three characters need to be purchased before they can be used.

The Joker can be found at the Ace Chemical Plant and bought for 250,000 studs, The Riddler can be found on top of Wayne Tower and can be bought for 125,000 studs, and Lex Luthor can be found at the Yacht Club and purchased for 250,000 studs.

1. Beep Beep

Location: Amusement Park
50,000 studs
Makes all car horns have a special sound

The container is located behind the red and black tent next to the citizen in peril. To open the container here, you will need to use the Joker.

2. Fall Rescue

Location: Theatre
50,000 studs
Won’t allow you to take damage when falling from high distance

The container at the Theater is to the right of the building.  In the corner of the parking lot, you will need to use The Joker to open it up.

3. Attract Studs

Location: Inside the Batcave
50,000 studs
Will allow studs to be collected without having to walk directly over them

For this Red Brick, you will need to Lex Luthor to open the crate found inside the Batcave.  Once inside the Batcave, go to the right side.

4. Regenerate Hearts

Location: A cave beneath the Botanical Gardens
  50,000 studs
Causes hearts to refill quickly

This chest can be found in a cave just off the road to the west of the Botanical Garden. Look inside the cave to find the crate that The Riddler can only open.

5. Disguises

Location: Arkham Asylum
50,000 studs
Adds glasses and moustaches to all characters, and even vehicles

At the top of the middle walkway in Arkham Asylum, fly up with Superman and then switch to The Joker to open the crate there that is directly across from the security camera.

6. Studs x8

Location: South of Metro Station North
400,000 studs
Multiplies studs collected by 8

This one can be a bit tricky to find with no large landmarks, but look on the ground level, down a street going south, in an alcove on the west side.  For this chest, you will need to use Lex Luthor to open it and throw down a large amount of studs to buy the brick, but it is definitely worth getting early on.


  • xx_CaPTiiN_SpAiiN_zz - June 26, 2012 6:40 p.m.

    I found all of these by myself :D
  • zombi3grim - June 26, 2012 9:28 p.m.

    You dont really need a guide for this. The game actually gives you two ways to find the bricks. One, you can find the "red brick detector" brick which points them all out on your screen. You can also go to your map and hit Y(on xbox) and all the little red dots are red bricks.

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