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Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Hints

  • Enemy Powers

    The powers enemies have and give you:

    No Powers
    Big Waddle Dee
    Waddle Dee
    Brunto Burt
    Waddley Dee
    Dark Kirby
    Gorrdo&Shotzo can't be sucked up!
    Scarfy - don't try to suck it up!!!

    There is an enemy called a Droppy that's unusual because if you have a power it will steal it and turn into the enemy with that power, but if you have MK's sword, throw, hammer, or smash it'll turn angry and run away.

    With power
    Waddle Doo: Dee:Beam
    Hot Head:Fire
    Sir Kibble:Cuutter
    Heavy\Sword Knight:Sword
    Submitted by Monkeyman121234
  • Super Blast!

    Get a fighter copy ability (the one with the red bandana). Get your health down to 1 bar, then when you charge a beam it will be supercharged!
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Defeat the Last Boss (Eye Ball)

    Entry location: last boss area
    Poke him in the eye (it's in the middle) with your sword.
    Submitted by the master
  • Sound Player

    The Sound Player is found in area 9: Candy Constellation.
    Submitted by kirby
  • Get Metaknight's Sword

    Finish the game after beating all the bosses. Look for the sword in front of the magic mirror
    Submitted by None
  • Power Center

    The power center door is at the top left of the Rainbow Route Area #1. Activate all the portal switches to get it.
    Submitted by None
  • Meta Knight's Sword and The Ability Room

    Defeat all 8 bosses ( Gollum King , Master + Crazy Hand , etc. ) and DMK** and Dark Mind ( Dark Mind MUST be defeated 3 or 4 times is standard ) MK*'s sword is under the mirror that you have enterd to defeat DMK and Dark Mind MK's sword can be used at all puzzles/obstacles and the ability room is in the top left ( it are all those statues that if you jump against them you get the ability of the dude on it ).
    Submitted by None

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Unlockables

  • Get Ability Room

    Activate all the warping mirrors during game play
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Boss Rush Mode

    Finish the game 100% and look for the Boss Rush option on the main menu
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Sound Test

    Locate the CD treasure while playing the game. Look for the option in the treasure list
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Songs

    Locate the Musical Notes while playing the game.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Kirby Colors

    Locate the Spray Can while playing the game. Look for the option in the treasure list
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Arena Mode

    Find 100% of all treasures in the game
    Submitted by None

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