Just how destructible is Battlefield: Bad Company?

Think of Bad Company, and you think destructibility. Well, you might not, but we sure as hell do - it's been the game's most talked about feature ever since it was first announced. So, when we got ourselves some quality alone time with the Xbox Live multiplayer Beta, there was only one thing we wanted to do. Blow stuff up.

DICE reckon that "90%" of the game's environment is destructible. So it was only fair that we set about lobbing around explosives like maniacs and put Bad Company's USP through a rigorous stress test. The results are... interesting.

Lots of stuff explodes, yes. Brilliant. But, then, lots of stuff doesn't. Or it does, but it shouldn't - should a chair explode like a grenade stuffed with splinters when you shoot at it with a rifle? Well. It is only a Beta, after all...

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